How to enjoy a spa day in Alsace ?

Is there any better solution than a luxury hotel to enjoy a spa day in Alsace? This is what the Hostellerie, a magnificent 4-star hotel near Obernai, offers you.

Wellness day in Alsace, a whole program

The Hostellerie des Châteaux is one of the most beautiful establishments in Alsace, a 4-star hotel particularly renowned for its spa. Its 2,500 m² of equipment plunges you into the heart of the Alsatian forests to cut you off from the world and offer you a moment of absolute relaxation. The facilities to enjoy a spa day in Alsace are simply unheard of in a hotel establishment. You will love the 2 indoor pools, and the outdoor pool in the summer. There are two jacuzzis, one inside and one outside. You like the sauna, there are simply 8 of them, each one has a different temperature (from 40 to 90°) in order to adapt exactly to your needs without having to take into account the other users. Shall we continue? Heated armchairs, two hammams, infrared armchairs (a treat to relax), experience showers, 2 rest rooms, an ice barrel, a fitness area and of course the massage cabins. It is no longer a hotel, but a spa theme park, as it offers every possible experience. Your moment of relaxation in a spa will simply be unforgettable.

Special offers for a spa day in Alsace

Guests of the Hostellerie des Châteaux can of course use all the facilities. The latter are also open to outside guests via offers allowing them to enjoy a spa day in Alsace that you will love.

The Lunch and Spa package allows guests to enjoy a meal served at lunchtime and then to enjoy the pools and all the spa facilities until the end of the day. The Brunch & Spa package goes further by replacing lunch with a brunch, a much more complete buffet lunch. But access to the spa and all its facilities remains the same. Finally, the Dinner & Spa package is the most complete experience with a full day at the spa followed by a 5-course dinner in the hotel's gourmet restaurant. Still have doubts about your unforgettable moment of relaxation in this spa in Alsace?

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