Organizing company seminars near Strasbourg: choose a dream setting

Organizing company seminars near Strasbourg is an opportunity to combine the choice of an exceptional hotel with a magnificent setting. But to do this, you need to choose the right establishment: the Hostellerie des Châteaux.

To organize company meetings near Strasbourg, a spa hotel

To successfullyorganize a company meeting near Strasbourg, you need to address two issues. The first is the professional framework, the second is the hotel framework. And when it comes to professional spaces at the Hostellerie des Châteaux, nothing is too much trouble. The hotel has several seminar rooms, depending on the number of participants. They are all equipped with all the technical equipment necessary for your meetings and, above all, all enjoy the same elegant setting as the rest of this 4-star hotel. The charm is there and the setting is perfectly complete. To organize your company seminars near Strasbourg, the Hostellerie des Châteaux teams are at your disposal for the coffee break, the restaurant for the lunch break, and the layout of the indoor and outdoor areas. It is not just a question of renting a room, but of offering a real professional setting to enhance your meetings.

An exceptional setting to organize corporate seminars in Alsace

The choice of thisspa hotel to organize corporate seminars near Strasbourg is justified by many points. There are different price formulas that give access to different services. One thinks in particular of the spa which will make the happiness of those spending at least one night on the spot. The 2500 m² of one of the largest and best equipped hotel spas in France promises the enthusiasm of all your employees.

Chances are they'll be equally enthusiastic about the hotel's two restaurants, one of which is gourmet. They promise great lunch breaks, but also a meal that you will enjoy sharing with colleagues and co-workers in the evening. If the setting of the Hostellerie des Châteaux is magnificent, it is also very well located. Less than 30 km from Strasbourg, so easily accessible by plane, TGV or from the freeway, the location is perfect to fit all the participants to your Meetings and seminars in Alsace.

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