L'Hostellerie des Châteaux: Your gateway to the Alsace Wine Route

In the heart of Alsace, a land of vineyards and traditions, the Hostellerie des Châteaux stands like a jewel of hospitality, perfectly integrated into the famous wine route. This 4-star SPA hotel in Alsace offers not only luxury accommodation, but also an immersive experience of Alsace's wine culture.

Dive into the heart of the vineyards

The Hostellerie des Châteaux, located near Obernai and at the foot of Mont-Saint-Odile, is the ideal place to explore the Alsace wine route. As a luxury SPA hotel, our establishment is an oasis of relaxation after a day exploring the vineyards and picturesque villages along this legendary route.

A Grand-Est spa hotel like no other

Our hotel doesn't just offer a simple stay; it's an invitation to a true wellness escape. With its complete spa, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and personalized treatments, Hostellerie des Châteaux is a benchmark among the SPA hotels in the Grand-Est. Let yourself be seduced by a moment of absolute relaxation, enveloped in luxury and comfort.

Hotel near Colmar: at the heart of Alsatian magic

Strategically located to offer our guests easy access to Alsace's most beautiful sites, our hotel is also close to Colmar, an essential stop on the wine route. This proximity to Colmar allows our guests to easily discover one of the jewels of Alsace, known for its exceptional architectural heritage and enchanting Christmas markets.

Weekend in a hotel restaurant near Strasbourg

The Hostellerie des Châteaux is also the perfect starting point for a weekend weekend in a hotel restaurant near Strasbourg. Just a few kilometers from the Alsatian capital, our establishment offers a memorable gastronomic getaway, with menus that celebrate the region's unique terroir and flavors.

The Hostellerie des Châteaux Experience: More than just a stay

At the Hostellerie des Châteaux, we're committed to offering more than just a stay; we want you to have an experience. Whether it's through our special offers, our gift boxes, or our programs for discovering activities in Alsace, every moment spent with us is an invitation to explore, savor and relax.

Our establishment is a gateway to Alsace and its treasures, offering an immersive experience on the wine route. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, an oenological adventure, or simply a moment of relaxation in an exceptional setting, Hostellerie des Châteaux is your destination of choice.

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