Welcome to Hostellerie des Châteaux: the ideal cycling accommodation in Alsace

If you're a cycling enthusiast looking for bike-friendly accommodation in Alsace, look no further than the Hostellerie des Châteaux in Ottrot, near Obernai. Our 4-star hotel is not only renowned for its 2,500 square meter spa, but is also the perfect choice for cyclists wishing to explore the beautiful Alsace region by bike. Find out why our hotel for cyclists in Alsace is the ideal place to plan your next bike ride or cycling tour in Alsace.

L'Hostellerie des Châteaux: Your two-wheeled haven of peace in Alsace

Located in the heart of Alsace, our bike-friendly hotel offers you the opportunity to discover this picturesque region in an unforgettable way. With a multitude of cycling routes to suit all levels, Alsace is a veritable paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just want to enjoy a leisurely bike ride in Alsace, take advantage of our first-class facilities.

First-class cycling facilities

At Hostellerie des Châteaux, we know how essential it is for cyclists to feel at home. That's why we offer secure storage for your bikes, as well as basic tools for repairs. What's more, our indoor swimming pools and indoor Jacuzzi are perfect for relaxing after a day's cycling in Alsace. We also offer massages to soothe tired muscles, preparing you for another day of cycling adventure.

Unforgettable cycling tours in Alsace

Alsace is full of beautiful landscapes to discover by bike. Whether you want to pedal along the Wine Route, explore the region's forests or discover its charming villages, you'll find itineraries to suit all levels. Hostellerie des Châteaux will be happy to advise you on the best cycling routes in Alsace, emphasizing the beauty of the region and the richness of its heritage.

Refined cuisine and quality comfort

After a day's cycling in Alsace, our restaurant awaits you with refined, authentic cuisine, showcasing the delights of the region. You can also relax in the hotel's lounge bar while sharing your cycling adventures with other enthusiasts. Hostellerie des Châteaux caters to families and couples, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere for all our visitors.

In short, the Hostellerie des Châteaux is much more than just a cycling hotel in Alsace. It's a place where comfort, relaxation, gastronomy and cycling come together to create unforgettable memories. Come and experience Alsace on two wheels, and discover why our hotel is the ideal choice for lovers of cycling and cycling tours in Alsace. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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