A 4-star Spa hotel in Alsace without equal: the Hostellerie des Châteaux

The Hostellerie des Châteaux is without a doubt the most beautiful 4-star Spa hotel in Alsace. Its rooms and suites, the private spas in many rooms, the gastronomic restaurant, and many other assets are to be discovered in this presentation of an extraordinary hotel in Obernai.

Your luxury hotel with spa in Alsace, a memorable stay in perspective

A well-deserved rest, a romantic weekend in the offing, an irrepressible desire for a spa, you are at the Hostellerie des Châteaux exactly where you need to be. This 4-star spa hotel in Alsace is a true resort offering comfort, serenity and relaxation at a level rarely seen. Everything revolves around the spa and the suites with private spa are the best example. In magnificent small apartments with one or two bedrooms, modern equipment and a wooded style particularly typical of the region, you will enjoy a bathroom that is a bit special. Indeed, in these suites the bathroom is equipped with a sauna, a hammam or a jacuzzi depending on the choice you make. A private spa, even in an exceptional spa hotel in Alsace, remains an exceptional privilege which is the norm here.

A romantic spa hotel for a stay in the Grand-Est

The other type of spa, and the other luxury aspect of this establishment, is of course the collective spa, the one specific not to a room but to the whole of this luxury spa hotel in Alsace. And there, it is also a wonder of every moment. The 2500 m² of this wellness area are magnificently staged and decorated, it is a fact. But one lingers especially on the 3 heated swimming pools, including one outside. You can choose from a dozen saunas and hammams according to your preferences, there are experience showers, rest rooms and infrared bands, a perfectly equipped gym and treatment rooms.

So yes, at the Hostellerie des Châteaux there is an incredible spa, magnificent suites, panoramic, typical of Alsace and equipped with a private spa, there is a gastronomic restaurant, two bars and an exceptional tourist setting. But above all, you won't have time to discover everything in one stay in this 4 star spa hotel in Alsace.

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