Hammam Améthyste

Hammam Améthyste||Hammam Améthyste||Hammam Améthyste
Hammam Alsace||Hammam d'Alsace||Hammam en Alsace
Hammam Améthyste||Hammam Améthyste||Hammam Améthyste
Hammam Alsace
Hammam Alsace
Hammam AlsaceHammam d'AlsaceHammam en Alsace


Hammam Améthyste Hammam Sel de mer Laconium Bio Sauna Sauna des montagne
Fauteuils chauffant Espace serenity Fontaine de Glace Salle de repos Bar spa Beauté


The hot and humid climate of this grotto of aromas gently cleans the airways and the skin.
The Brazilian amethyst that merges here into a sumptuous décor of midnight blue ceramics inset with gold harmonises the physical and spiritual body for a total wellbeing. Physically, it purifies the blood, the liver and acts as an antiseptic. It relaxes the muscles in the shoulders and the back of the neck, relieves migraine and insomnia.
From an emotional and spiritual point of view, it stimulates your concentration and your intuitive potential. This stone of wisdom and humility contributes to your spiritual elevation and helps you to meditate. It stimulates the imagination, creativity, clarity of mind and instils serenity.
To drive away your nightmares and lighten your dreams, place a few amethysts under your pillow.

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