le gastronomique

le gastronomique||le gastronomique||le gastronomique||Nos Grands Crus
Restaurant gastronomique alsace||Hotel restaurant gastronomique alsace||Hôtel restaurant gastronomique alsace||Hotels restaurant gastronomique alsace
le gastronomique||Le Gastronomique||Le Gastronomique||Nos Grands Crus
Restaurant gastronomique alsace
Restaurant gastronomique alsace
Restaurant gastronomique alsaceHotel restaurant gastronomique alsaceHôtel restaurant gastronomique alsaceHotels restaurant gastronomique alsace


At “Le Gastronomique” our gourmet restaurant, the chef  Ernest Schaetzel invents exquisite dishes for your palate’s pleasure. The chef creates delightful compositions inspired by the rhythm of the seasons. The Chef’s refine Cuisine pays tribute to gastronomic Alsatian cuisine and  to quality local products enriched by Alsacian wines. The cellar is overflowing with precious bottles of wines from Alsace and other regions of France.

We also offer gastronomic weekend gateways so that you can take full advantage of the talents of our chef and enjoy fantastic food throughout your stay at the hotel.

We organize all types of banquets and cocktails. We offer small private dining room for events from 10 to 30 guests or large reception room for up to 200 guests.

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Hostellerie des Châteaux & Spa **** - - Sabine et Ernest Schaetzel, Aurélie et Guillaume - 11, rue des Châteaux - F-67530 OTTROTT ALSACE
Tél : +33 (0)3 88 48 14 14 - Fax : + 33 (0)3 88 48 14 18 - Site Officiel : www.hostellerie-chateaux.fr - E-mail : info@leschateaux.fr