Gaby Kretz

Gaby Kretz||L'Art à la Louche||Gaby Kretz||Cabreraun||Spindler||Spindler||L'arbre||Le Bâtisseur||Sculpture Rakou
||Art et décoration Alsace||Art et décoration en Alsace||Art Alsace||||Art en Alsace||||décoration en Alsace||Art Alsacien
Gaby Kretz||Denis Roth||Gaby Kretz||Cabreraun||Spindler||Spindler||L'arbre||Le Bâtisseur||Sculpture Rakou
Art et décoration AlsaceArt et décoration en AlsaceArt AlsaceArt en Alsacedécoration en AlsaceArt Alsacien

Artistic pieces

Pièce d'art Décoration


Over the years, between original encounters and irresistible opportunities, each work of art has found its place in the house as if it had always been there…
Come and visit our artist friends, discover their work and let them tell you a thousand stories…


Artistic pieces

  • Spindler marquetry
    Marquetry pictures and chairs in St Léonard
  • Gaby Kretz
    Sculpture and ceramics in Sermersheim (Tibetan items in the Salon Templier)
  • Ossabb
    Raku – bronze sculpture in St Nabor
  • Miroiterie Metz in Goetzenbruck
    Stained glass windows (window of the Salon Mozart)
  • Charly Barrat
    Water colours and Alsatian items
  • Edgar Mahler
    Painter (Sainte Odile icon in the ceiling of the Salon Sainte Odile)
  • Gérard Brand
    Mosaic setter (garden and swimming pool mosaics)
  • Denis Roth
    Sculptor in Illkirch "Pinot Noir, Nectar"
  • Susan Rauch
    Painters (pictures in the Salon Templier)
  • Léon Kalbel
    Painter from Obernai (winter landscapes and still life)
  • Cabreraun
    Sculptor in Vosges red sandstone (Alsatian woman, Cock, Frog, Owl…)
  • Philippe Simonin
    Stained glass in Hindisheim (niche in the Salon Templier)
  • Raymond Waydelich
    Artist (ceiling of the Salon Templier inspired by the ceiling of the Notre Dame museum in Strasbourg)
  • Philippe Herr
    Artist (trompe l’œil in the hotel corridors)
  • René Walsch
    Painter (still life picture in the restaurant)
  • Charles Bliekast
    Painter from Obernai (Alsatian landscapes)
  • Daniel Viene
    Painter, the work entitled "Art does not make you fat"
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